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Glitterati Candle Co.

Lavender Oasis Soy Squeeze Wax

Lavender Oasis Soy Squeeze Wax

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Lavender Oasis entices the senses with a refreshing, yet rugged fusion of woodsy and nautical fragrances. This scent is an innovative variation of traditional lavender, enriched with earthy cypress, cedar, and amber. A stellar choice for men's collections and luxury home lines, this blend expertly combines natural essential oils such as orange sweet, eucalyptus, pine, clove bud, guaiacwood, lemon, elemi, galbanum, clary sage, lavandin, olibanum, petitgrain, geranium, cedarwood, and carrot seed.


This wax is formulated with a naturally-derived carrier oil, providing a luxurious blend that fulfills the needs of even the most discerning customer. The luxuriant mica glimmer of this wax creates an iridescent shimmer, adding a touch of glamour and opulence.


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